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Issue 50 / December 2012

Graham Greene, Arthur Ransome and Somerset Maugham all spied for Britain, admits MI6

Secret Intelligence Service's first authorised history aims to debunk James Bond 'licence to kill' myth

The authors Graham Greene, Arthur Ransome, Somerset Maugham, Compton Mackenzie and Malcolm Muggeridge, and the philosopher AJ "Freddie" Ayer, all worked for MI6, Britain's Secret Intelligence Service admitted for the first time today . They are among the many exotic characters who agreed to spy for Britain, mainly during wartime, who appear in a the first authorised history of MI6. The book even reveals that the intelligence agency's deputy chief, Claude Dansey, was seduced by "Robbie" Ross, said to have been Oscar Wilde's first lover.

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Tuesday, 21 September, 2010

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